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Created and presented by the trailblazing Phil Walleystack, this unique celebration will captivate audiences of all ages with an unforgettable journey of sound, vision, and movement.

KAYA captures the spirit of Noongar storytelling, weaving together traditional and contemporary elements over 75 minutes. The audience’s trail through the heart of Noongar country is enriched by the powerful sounds of didgeridoo loops, evocative chants, aerial footage, and stunning projections.

Phil Walleystack, renowned for his masterful storytelling through music, leads the spectacle with a compelling performance that merges an electrifying blend of history and modernity.

Joining Phil is the ancestral rhythms of the mesmerizing Aliwah Dancers, and dynamic illuminated artwork by Noongar and Yamitji artist Justin Martin about "The connection of Noongar to Country”. As the narrative elements come together, the fascination of age-old tales come to life to create an unmatched, exhilarating performance.

Phil Walleystack says KAYA is more than just an event; it's a cultural awakening.

“KAYA invites the audience to connect with the eternal sounds and landscape of Noongar Boodjar. We will bring ancient footsteps to life here in Goologoolup [Yagan Square] with a blend of sound, dance, and projection. “KAYA stands as beacon of creativity for our culture. We will share the allure and magic of our storytelling that has resonated through the ages."

- Phil Walleystack

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